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School Improvement Plans

School Development Plan     Priorities 2023/24



Priority 1

To develop early reading skills using phonics in Foundation phase

To develop a clear writing process/ cycle which is consistent across the phases

  • To use a consistent programme/approach in the teaching of phonics, word shapes and high frequency words 
  • To develop a consistent approach to teaching text types and celebrate writing
Parental understanding and involvement

Priority 2 

To embed systems that promote the physical, mental and emotional well-being of pupils and staff to support learning.

To improve fitness levels and develop key skills in children’s physical literacy so they become more active citizens with better physical health and overall well-being

  • To develop skill based learning – rather than sports focused
  • To develop a progressive PSE Scheme of Work
  • Raise pupil’s awareness of careers in the sporting/ fitness community
Raise pupil’s awareness of the benefits of keeping fit and healthy

Priority 3

To establish purposeful assessment procedures that secure pupil progression and achievement

  • Children need to know how to improve their work to raise standards across all areas of the curriculum.
  • Develop self and peer assessment across the school
Create a tool kit for Assessment in and for Learning

Priority 4

To continue to co-construct a purposeful curriculum that builds systematically on pupils’ existing knowledge, understanding, skills and experiences to secure progression as they move through the school. 

To develop a clear progression of understanding healthy relationships through RSE

  • Parental, pupil and community involvement in the RSE policies and curriculum development. A whole community approach
Embed a progressive scheme of work for RSE into the school curriculum
Key Theme 1: Health and well-being of pupils, staff and community
Key Theme 2: Basic skills post pandemic
Key Theme 3: Implementing the ‘New Curriculum for Wales’ and the Four Core Purposes

The school receives an Educational Improvement Grant to support learning. 

The school receives a Pupil Deprivation Grant, based on the number of pupils entitled to free school meals.